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Antibiotics Present In The Vegetables

Antibiotics Present In The Vegetables

While the world wants to know if it true that the antibiotics have really been present in vegetables, researchers from the Minnesota University have already claimed that the livestock have many toxic substances present in it and now they have claimed the same for antibiotics in vegetables. The research can be easily found in environmental quality journal. It quotes that the food corps can easily acquire antibiotics from the soil that has cattle manure in it.

The finding present in the environmental quality are based on the detail study done on the green house containing 3 different corps that is lettuce, corn and potatoes. They establish that the plants that were grown on the soil that also contains the liquid hog manure which consist of veterinary antibiotic sulfamethazine that was really absorbed the antibiotic from the soil. It can be found in the plant tissues and plant leaves. The researcher also concluded that the concentration rises with the raise in the antibiotic concentration in the manure. It was also observed that it got absorbed into the potato tubers therefore also concluding that other root crops like radish and carrots are also suffered. The antibiotics are absorbed from the soil into the root.


After concluding the result the researcher from the Minnesota University are very concerned because it can toxic to the people eating vegetables. One of the researcher from the university explained that the food contaminated by the antibiotics when eaten may cause some serious allergies to the people who are allergic to the antibiotics that has been absorbed. You can never be too sure as to what has been absorbed. Another thing that may arise with the increase of antibiotic absorption is bacterial resistance that is very common. When you increasingly take antibiotics the bacteria creates resistance towards it which is a common problem which is being researched to maintain the effectiveness of the antibiotics in human.

Holly dolliver another researcher said that the organic farming industry should be concerned as food crops are contaminated by the antibiotics and the main nutrient that they are getting and they need is the manure.

So now the USDA adds that the organic farming industry should manage animal materials so that they do not contaminate the soil. This also means that the culprit material of the soil contamination is banned or illegal. But due to less availability USDA has not yet banned the material responsible saying that they need to research it more in detail to know the type and ways the antibiotics are absorbed but for healthy living they really need to ban those and start fresh which is not easy but at least it will be toxic free. They will carry on the investigation and will conclude what kind of material is really absorbed and contaminate the soil. There’s no saying when this will be banned but for the time being please boil your vegetable and access all the precaution before eating them and do not eat them raw.

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