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Bacterial Vaginosis And Antibiotic Treatment

Bacterial Vaginosis And Antibiotic Treatment

When you think of bacterial infection you always go for antibiotics. Antibiotic treatment has become the most essential treatments of all time. Women with recurrent episodes of bacterial vaginosis usually think about taking antibiotics but they are still confused even after taking antibiotics many times and want to know an alternative.

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

The most used antibiotic for bacterial vaginosis is metronidazole which can be taken as a tablet or in gel or cream form. No doubt antibiotics are considered the best treatment for bacterial vaginosis because they kill off the bacterial infection but there is so much more to a successful treatment then killing off bacterial growth and believe it or not antibiotics do just that kill off bacterial growth and nothing else. Some of the most common causes of bacterial vaginosis are smoking, over washing, change in weather, douching and change in sexual partner. Bacterial vaginosis is disease where a woman suffers from vaginal irritation, foul and fishy smelling vaginal discharge which can be grey and white in colour and watery in consistency. Women also feel a burning sensation also known as burning micturition during urination which can be quite painful. Bacterial growth is treated by antibiotics that are no surprise but do you really think taking antibiotics for infection cures you of everything.

A treatment that requires you to be totally healthy should include the examination of every symptom and cause and then eliminating them. Also it should help in providing symptomatic relief to the patient while also killing the bacterial infection. It should also deal with strengthening and boost up the energy levels in patient without disturbing the good flora present in the gut of the human being. Well that is a long list of things one is asking of antibiotics when they only just kill bacterial growth. Therefore you must realise why antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis is not sufficient for the successful treatment. It does not differentiate between a good flora and bad flora and kills off everything. A good flora is good bacteria present in the body of a human being with the bad flora and when you take antibiotics it does not differ between the two and kills off both which is why taking antibiotics is not good. The good bacteria present in our body works as a body guard against many diseases it also improves immunity of the person and when it is destroyed person's immunity against diseases is also destroyed opening you to many possible diseases and infection. Therefore it is necessary that you should think of alternative methods of curing your disease and not depend upon antibiotics for the complete treatment. There are many remedies available online and you can always contact your doctor and ask about the alternative methods so that you won't have any doubts about anything. Also with that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and hygienic processes so that you won't get any infections easily. You should use natural herbal products to ease your mind.

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